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The Ranch Backyard Chicken Coop is unique in that it has a 12 foot long run. It is our largest chicken coop and is good for 10-15 chickens. It also has two hinged nesting boxes and a removable back panel to allow for easy cleaning and access to the eggs.  The Ranch Chicken Coop also has grab handles for easy mobility. Depending on the size of your location this coop can be used with or without the detachable run.

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Was: $899.95

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ranch-window ranch-nesting-roosting
ranch-window ranch-nesting-roosting
ranch-window ranch-nesting-roosting

  • Free Shipping To Lower 48 States
  • 12′ Long Run!
  • The Run Has a Wire-Meshed Roof
  • Made of Top Grade Fir Wood
  • Tongue and Groove Construction
  • Two Nesting Boxes with 6 Total Compartments
  • Front Access Ramp
  • Inner Door Slides Shut with Easy Metal Pull Bar
  • Removable Back Panel for Easy Cleaning
  • Secure Latches to Prevent Predators!
  • Galvanized Steel Pull Out Tray
  • Three Internal Roosts
  • Two Side Vents for Air Circulation
  • Handles for Easy Mobility Mobility
  • Easy to Assembly With Instructions
  • Measures: 143”long x 68″wide x 67″tall
  • Shipped in 3 boxes

I received the Ranch modal of your coops for Christmas and it looks great.

4 / 5 5stars

Baltimore, Maryland

I have been so happy with my Ranch. I now have 6 hens (4 named after Clint Eastwood characters), and they bring me joy daily. Thank you so much for your quality of work.

5 / 5 5stars

Anderson, South Carolina

Thank you! I took delivery of my new Ranch. It went together in 60 minutes. Well designed!
Great Quality!!!! Shipping worked great. Exceeded all my expectations!!!

5 / 5 5stars

St. Louis, Missouri

We’re delighted with our Ranch chicken coop. It arrived in three boxes, all in good condition and of a manageable weight.
The attention to detail in the design and execution exceeded our expectations and made us comfortable with the not insubstantial cost. The assembly took a little pondering at a couple of steps, but was basically straightforward. All fastener counts were accurate, which is nothing short of a miracle. We recommend this coop to anyone, especially those who may have need for an aesthetically pleasing coop in an urban setting in order to make sure neighbors won’t be upset.

5 / 5 5stars

Flagstaff, Arizona

Just wanted to share!!! Seeing as I’m an interior designer I just had to “decorate” my new chicken coop. We are so glad we bought this kit! Thank you!


5 / 5 5stars

Flagstaff, Arizona

Overall Measurements:

143″‘long x 68″ wide x 67″ tall

Coop Dimensions:

45″long x 68″wide x 67″ tall

Run Dimensions:

143″ long x 40″ wide x 51″ tall

This coop is loaded with features. It has a hinged nesting box with 2 nest areas so that it is easy to collect eggs. It has a removable back panel for easy access to refill food and water and to make it easy to clean. It features a 12 foot run. The coop has a front sliding door to allow them to move freely in and out of the coop.

Roosting Bar Hinged Nesting Box With Latch
The Saloon Backyard Chicken Coop Inside W Roost The Tavern Backyard Chicken Coop Nesting Box W Divider

Free Shipping To Your Door, Not a Shipping Terminal, To The Lower 48 States.

Was: $899.95
Instant Savings: $100 Off