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The Rambler

The Rambler Backyard Chicken Coop is especially nest friendly, having a total of six nesting areas as well as three removable internal roosts. The Rambler is made out of top grade fir wood and will allow for between 6-10 chickens, depending on the size of your birds.

With The Rambler Chicken Coop your chickens can comfortably concentrate on the task of laying eggs while you remain confident that they are well protected.

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New Rambler Chicken Coop Nesting Box Lid New Rambler Chicken Coop Tray Open
New Rambler Chicken Coop Window New Rambler Chicken Coop Leg
New Rambler Chicken Coop Inside New Rambler Chicken Coop Nesting Box


  • Free Shipping to Lower 48 States
  • Made from top grade fir wood
  • Tongue & groove construction
  • 2 divided Nesting Boxes with 6 Nest Areas
  • Front and Rear Access Doors for Easy Access to Clean or Refill Food/Water
  • Easy to Assemble w/ Instructions
  • Measures: 64″L x 38″W x 44.5″H
  • Shipped in 2 Boxes
  • Removable bottom tray for easy cleaning

My son, grandson and I were able to assemble the Rambler in about an hour. We had a great time putting it together. I asked my 10 year old grandson if he could help. He said to me, ” Papaw, I put Legos with hundreds of pieces together by myself. This chicken house will be easy.” He was correct. He made sure we had the correct piece with the correct screws. All the parts went together with ease and now the chickens have a new home. Thanks!

The Adams’ Family
Memphis, Tennessee

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how happy we are with our Rambler chicken houses. We purchased 2 last year and are back this year to purchase 2 more.

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The construction is good quality, they are easy to assemble and ascetically are a very appealing addition to our back yard. My only regret is that our Rooster and hens love their houses so much they roost on the peaks and well anyone with chickens knows and can imagine what happens to the roof of our lovely chicken houses! We have had a very harsh winter this year and our chickens have stayed very health in the weather, we pack hay around the bottom of our houses and they all stay warm and cozy.

Dallas & Phyllis N.
Mineola, Texas

I’m impressed! I’m a DIY guy but I decided to buy “The Rambler”, after I worked up my own design of a similar coop, and found that I could not beat the price by much for the materials alone and my design had only one nest box. Adding a run to this coop is easy too.

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What amazed me was how easy it went together. The picture instructions are easy to understand and clearly labeled. With a cordless drill it took me about 30 minutes. If you have put together an entertainment system this will be really easy for you. I recommend these coops to all but the most mechanically challenged and I would bet that two such challenged people could figure it out together. It’s easy. And there is no way a coop I built would look this good. The whole transaction was quick and easy. Thank you.

Ed E.
Biever, California

I have received order XXXX (The Rambler Backyard Chicken Coop). Thank you. This is a beautiful product. Everything arrived on time…

John R.
Pleasant Valley, New York

Having chickens has helped my son, he has asperger syndrome. He’s over sensitive to smells and touch.

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Our hens have helped him learn many of life’s lessons, from the warmth and softness of a birds feathers to the fact that chicken poop smells. He says he forgives them for smelling, they can’t help it. Again, thank you. Our coop looks great.

Adrian, Lisa & Ernesto G.
Portage, Indiana

Overall Measurements:

64″L x 38″W x 44.5″H

Nesting Boxes:

14″W x 30″D

Living Area:

35.5″W x 38″ D

New Rambler Dimensions SONY DSC

This chicken coop is one for beginners and veteran chicken raisers alike. It has 2 hinged nesting boxes with 6 nest areas total making it easy to clean and collect eggs. It has both front and rear access doors for easy access to refill food and water and to make it easy to clean. There is also a vent at the top of the coop. This coop features a sliding metal pan that makes it easy to clean droppings and mess.

The Rambler Backyard Chicken Coop Nesting Boxes W Dividers The Rambler Backyard Chicken Coop Rear


Free Shipping To Your Door, Not a Shipping Terminal, To The Lower 48 States

Was: $549.95

Instant Savings: $100