Shipping Costs. Shipping is free and will be delivered to your door in the lower 48 states via Fed Ex Home Delivery. At this time we only ship within the continental USA.

Shipping Time. The time needed to ship merchandise will vary depending on the shipment’s location and the particular time of year. Please keep in mind that our “Same Day” and “Next Day” shipping models refer to shipping your product on the same or next day you order (depending on how late in the day), and not that we offer free “overnight” shipping. We do not offer overnight delivery. Customers should expect a 7-10 day delivery time, but it is often times quicker than that.

Shipping Methods. Merchandise will be shipped using FedEx

Damaged Shipments. Damaged shipments from handling must be claimed with the freight carrier (FedEx). If any cartons are missing or damaged, be sure to note this on the freight bill.

VERY IMPORTANT! If you notice damage as your driver is leaving the product at your door, DO NOT REFUSE THE PACKAGE! By doing so, you agree to the terms of this website, and that you are responsible for the full cost of return shipping. Instead, please unbox your product and take pictures of any damage. We find that although sometimes the boxes look very worn and tattered, the inside contents are often fine, or only a few spare parts are needed to make your product whole. We are happy to ship spare parts promptly. Please take pictures of any damage to parts, as well as the boxes themselves.

Returns. On occasion our coops will arrive with minor damages or dings that are usually aesthetic, and do not cause a problem with the functionality of the coop. This can unfortunately happen from time to time due to the nature of the product, the size and weight, as well as from being lifted and set down during shipping. In these cases we will send replacement parts at no charge to the customer.

If, however there are major damages above and beyond minor aesthetic damages to the coop that render a part of your product useless, we are happy to assist in taking care of those. We ask that you take a few pictures of the damaged parts in order to allow us to assess the damage and correctly identify which parts have been damaged. Also again, if there is any damage at all to the box, please take pictures of that as well, as this helps us in making a claim with the shipper.

If you would like to return the chicken coop with 30 days of purchase, please email us and let us know that you are doing so, and we will provide an address to send the coop to. This address will typically NOT be the same address it came from, as we have multiple warehouses. You are responsible for any costs associated with shipping the chicken coop back to us, and there is also a 10% restocking fee that will be deducted from the amount refunded.

Free gifts. At times we run a special where send out a free gift. Usually it is a book about raising chickens. Please keep in mind that this book is only for customers paying the current full price for a chicken coop, (including those taking advantage of the occasional $100 off sale through Sunday that we run). It cannot be combined with any other coupon that might be found on the internet. Also, if you have received a free gift, and later return your chicken coop, you must also return the free gift with the chicken coop, or we will deduct the value of the free gift from the amount refunded to your credit card after receiving your chicken coop.